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L L H Consulting

May 8, 2013
Bruce Gladstein L L H Consulting

Bruce Gladstein founded L L H Consulting in the fall of 2012

In the fall of 2012, Bruce Gladstein founded L L H Consulting, a Legal, Labor, and Human Resources firm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Bruce Gladstein drew upon twenty-five years combined experience as an Attorney, Senior Business Analyst, and Regional Marketing Director, to establish L L H Consulting.

Within each role he had the ability to design, operate, prosecute, defend, and analyze all types of HR departments and labor claims. These valuable skills have given him a diverse expertise that far outweighs that of traditional HR practices. Bruce Gladstein believes traditional HR practices provide a one-dimensional management experience. Where others are more reactive than proactive in their approach, Bruce Gladstein’s experience has enabled him to look for the right warning signs and apply solutions in the most efficient way possible. He has strengthened businesses and their human capital, and can easily draft, evaluate, and amend contracts; provide staff and management training on all Human Resource functions; and win negotiations. Bruce Gladstein continues to maximize business success and profitability by combining his wealth of knowledge into L L H Consulting.

The Legal function involves all aspects that would pertain to the duties of a law firm. Some of these areas include but are not limited to: reviewing contracts; risk management; limiting legal liability; and analyzing and managing litigation.

The Labor portion comes into play by handling any and all forms of labor issues. Labor issues consist of unions; relations between employers and employees; unemployment; discrimination and sexual harassment issues; budgets; and production issues. The functions of Human Resources, therefore, are simply an extension of the Labor function. This area provides companies with assistance pertaining to hiring/firing, discipline, benefits, coaching, mentoring, job descriptions, privacy, budgets, and other personnel issues.

Bruce Gladstein has years of experience working in law as an Attorney for the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein.  Practicing law allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of issues related to labor and civil law, which he uses today to guide all of his business endeavors with L L H Consulting.

Read questions Bruce Gladstein has answered about his business on Quora: or learn more about his professional background on VisualCV.

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