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L L H Consulting

Bruce Gladstein L L H Consulting

Bruce Gladstein founded L L H Consulting in the fall of 2012

In the fall of 2012, Bruce Gladstein founded L L H Consulting, a Legal, Labor, and Human Resources firm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. Bruce Gladstein drew upon twenty-five years combined experience as an Attorney, Senior Business Analyst, and Regional Marketing Director, to establish L L H Consulting.

Within each role he had the ability to design, operate, prosecute, defend, and analyze all types of HR departments and labor claims. These valuable skills have given him a diverse expertise that far outweighs that of traditional HR practices. Bruce Gladstein believes traditional HR practices provide a one-dimensional management experience. Where others are more reactive than proactive in their approach, Bruce Gladstein’s experience has enabled him to look for the right warning signs and apply solutions in the most efficient way possible. He has strengthened businesses and their human capital, and can easily draft, evaluate, and amend contracts; provide staff and management training on all Human Resource functions; and win negotiations. Bruce Gladstein continues to maximize business success and profitability by combining his wealth of knowledge into L L H Consulting.

The Legal function involves all aspects that would pertain to the duties of a law firm. Some of these areas include but are not limited to: reviewing contracts; risk management; limiting legal liability; and analyzing and managing litigation.

The Labor portion comes into play by handling any and all forms of labor issues. Labor issues consist of unions; relations between employers and employees; unemployment; discrimination and sexual harassment issues; budgets; and production issues. The functions of Human Resources, therefore, are simply an extension of the Labor function. This area provides companies with assistance pertaining to hiring/firing, discipline, benefits, coaching, mentoring, job descriptions, privacy, budgets, and other personnel issues.

Bruce Gladstein has years of experience working in law as an Attorney for the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein.  Practicing law allowed him to gain a comprehensive understanding of issues related to labor and civil law, which he uses today to guide all of his business endeavors with L L H Consulting.

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Executive Specialties

As the founder and owner of L L H Consulting, Bruce Gladstein helps individuals and businesses with solutions to Legal, Labor, and Human Resource issues. Individuals and companies of all sizes hire Bruce Gladstein to provide recommendations and insights that are designed to maximize profits, boost productivity at every level of management, and minimize liabilities. He develops the advice after analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses; business practices, policies and procedures; systems and controls; sales; strategy; personnel function; as well as performance, budgets, and customer service.

Bruce Gladstein determines what the optimal solutions are for his clients by drawing upon his executive specialties which include:

  • Analysis and Optimization

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Client/Customer Relations

  • Communications and Presentations

  • Consulting

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Cost Containment and Optimization

  • Due Diligence

  • Employment Regulations, including the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

  • Entity Setup

  • Financial Analysis

  • HR Standards and Practices

  • Inventory Systems and Controls

  • Legal Agreements and Documents

  • Legal Liability and Risk Management

  • Litigation (State and Federal)

  • Multichannel Distributions

  • Negotiations and Settlements

  • Operations Management

  • Problem Resolution and Troubleshooting

  • Process Improvement

  • Product Life Cycles

  • Profit and Loss

  • Public Speaking

  • Research

  • Revenue Optimization

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Start-ups

  • Strategic Direction and Planning

  • Training: Sales, Management, Marketing

  • Training Modalities

Bruce Gladstein built his own successful law practice from the ground up by implementing these executive specialties over the course of his career. After managing the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein (learn more), he spent much of his time providing professional advice to a wide variety of companies as a Senior Business Analyst with Global Resources, LTD. His position with Global Resources, LTD was not the only opportunity he had to gather the knowledge and experience needed to run and manage a business. His business education also aided his success.

Bruce Gladstein attended Southern Connecticut State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics. He later moved to New York City to pursue his Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Bernard Baruch College. Shortly after, Bruce Gladstein obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law.

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The American Trial Lawyers Association

The purpose of The American Trial Lawyers Association is to foster high quality, relevant legal programs that are essential for trial lawyers facing  current issues in the legal profession. This national organization is composed of over one hundred trial lawyers from each state who value excellence. The American Trial Lawyers Association provides practical educational programs, networking opportunities, legal publications, as well as information for attorneys practicing civil, plaintiff, and criminal defense law.

National membership is granted exclusively for trial lawyers seeking further training, networking, and information about the legal realm. The workshops and conferences are a useful way for trial lawyers to learn powerful tools for the success of their practices. The American Trial Lawyers Association also works in partnership with educational organizations to continue providing programs for its members.

Bruce Gladstein American Trial Lawyers Association

Bruce Gladstein is a member of The American Trial Lawyers Association

Bruce Gladstein is a highly acclaimed member of The American Trial Lawyers Association and is also the owner of L L H Consulting, a Legal, Labor, and Human Resources firm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. His many years of entrepreneurial experience and extensive education have allowed him to establish this successful firm. L L H Consulting provides services designed to reduce liabilities associated with legal and employee issues. He has worked with business leaders from a multitude of companies, educating them about statutes and protocols that allow them to minimize production losses and labor costs.

Bruce Gladstein previously owned and operated a law firm, the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein, which concentrated in labor laws, discrimination, and reducing legal liability (learn more about Bruce Gladstein’s previous legal experience). His responsibilities also included running the human resources department using his knowledge of marketing, budgets, vendors, and long term planning. The Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein secured many victories for their clients, including settlements and jury verdicts over one million dollars.

Bruce Gladstein’s professional achievements were a result of adhering to the principles valued by The American Trial Lawyers Association.

Learn more about Bruce Gladstein and his involvement with the American Trial Lawyers Association by visiting his Zimbio or by viewing his TrustCloud:!/bruce.gladstein.7.

Accomplishments, Recognitions and Memberships

Bruce Gladstein is the owner of a Legal, Labor, and Human Resources consulting company in Saunderstown, RI called L L H Consulting. He established L L H Consulting drawing upon his three degrees and many years of entrepreneurial experience.  Bruce Gladstein first began his education at Southern Connecticut State University where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Economics.  Shortly thereafter, he enrolled at Bernard Baruch College of CUNY where he completed his Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial/Organization Psychology. He later obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. His education continues today as Bruce Gladstein maintains membership with the following professional organizations:

  • American Trial Lawyers Association

  • State Bar Associations: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

  • Criminal Law Club (President and Founder)

  • University of Pittsburgh Judicial Board, Defense Counsel

  • Phi Delta Phi Law Fraternity (learn more)

  • Psi Chi National Honor Society for Psychology

Bruce Gladstein uses his world-class business education to help individuals and businesses  reduce their liabilities associated with legal and employee issues. Over his professional career, Bruce Gladstein worked with leaders from more than 50 companies that were working with a loss or marginal profits. He helped 90% of these businesses achieve an increase of sales in their first year. He did this by implementing a forward-thinking outlook that aimed to increase market competitiveness and fiscal health. Bruce Gladstein has educated business leaders about what they can do to improve earnings,  eliminate poor financial behaviors among employees and managers, and keep companies compliant with labor issues and discrimination. These accomplishments have led him to be honored in the business world. The following are his latest recognitions:

  • Urban League Annual Celebration Invitee, 95% of color and/or political-related

  • In two different years, achieved top 5 monetary awards from verdicts by jury in the State of Rhode Island

To know more about Bruce Gladstein and his professional accomplishments, recognitions and memberships, visit his Zerply or browse his profile on Speakerfiles:


Negotiation is defined as a dialogue between two or more interested individuals or parties. These individuals or parties enter negotiation in order to come to an understanding, resolve a point of difference, or reach an agreement upon a course of action. Each party typically enters negotiation intending to gain some sort of advantage before the parties are able to reach a compromise (learn more). Negotiations are common in legal proceeding and business, two areas in which Bruce Gladstein has used his own excellent negotiation skills to help represented parties.

Bruce Gladstein often made use of his negotiation skills while leading the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein. His most high-profile use of negotiation skills came in one case when he won a multi-million dollar settlement within a two-year period. This award was especially noteworthy because six different attorneys had previously tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a settlement over a 16-year period. Bruce Gladstein’s firm also negotiated settlements on behalf of clients who owed money on medical bills and other bills or loans. Once he received the settlements, he was then able to save his clients’ money by negotiating down what they were required to pay.communication_negotiation

Bruce Gladstein also has extensive negotiation experience in the business realm. He has helped businesses of all sizes win negotiations with vendors and suppliers in order to obtain cost savings, and has also been involved with mediation. In his current role as the Owner of L L H Consulting (which handles Legal, Labor, and Human Resources issues for individuals and businesses), Bruce Gladstein continues to help businesses win negotiations with vendors and suppliers.

Bruce Gladstein learned his negotiation skills while earning his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and his Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.). He attended Bernard Baruch College in New York and earned his M.B.A. with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Bruce Gladstein earned his J.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Learn more about Bruce Gladstein on Xanga or by visiting his Weebly page: TFURMY3CD4C6

Human Resources

In September 2012 Bruce Gladstein started L L H Consulting, which stands for Legal, Labor, and Human Resources. With experience over his 25 year career as both a Senior Business Analyst and as owner of his own law firm, Bruce Gladstein brings a unique perspective to addressing human resource needs. The Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein concentrated in labor and discrimination.  By approaching human resources needs with experience in both the legal and business side, Bruce Gladstein uses L L H Consulting to apply a unique, 360-degree perspective to crucial human resources decisions. This is due to the fact he has had experience designing, operating, prosecuting, defending, and analyzing these types of claims. While other human resource managers take a reactive approach to handling legal and labor issues, Bruce Gladstein can act more proactively because he knows what to look for and what can lead to potential liability issues.

With L L H Consulting, Bruce Gladstein uses his wide range of human resources experience and knowledge of the legal system to help businesses of any size stay in compliance. The human resources responsibilities (learn more) that he handles for other businesses include:

  •  Drafting, evaluating, and amending contracts
  • Winning negotiations with vendors, suppliers, or through mediation

  • Designing and managing any and all Human Resource processes

  • Providing staff and management training on all HR functions

  • Help understanding policy and business law

  • Development of industry controls

  • Minimizing liability

While serving as the owner of his own law firm, Bruce Gladstein also initiated, organized, and ran the entire human resources department for his firm. This meant that he was able to gain considerable experience with hiring, firing, coaching employees, setting and managing payroll, and making decisions regarding employee benefits. Bruce Gladstein took what he learned while overseeing major human resource duties and drew upon his experience of building the Law Offices of Bruce Gladstein from the ground up in order to start a new company. His company L L H Consulting helps individuals and companies with their Legal, Labor, and Human resource needs.

Bruce Gladstein also gained human resources experience as a Senior Business Analyst with Global Resources, LTD. He worked with over 50 businesses reviewing each aspect of their business in order to improve compliance and profitability, including but not limited to personnel and other human resources aspects, risk management, labor production, moral, costing, budgets, advertising, long term financial planning, profits, P&L statements, and contracts.

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